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In episode 68, we’re getting schooled on Shino glazes! Matt, Rose, and Kathy discuss some of the history, science, and stunning beauty of these unique glazes. The gang also takes a deep dive into the murky waters of water chemistry in glazes. Is it the secret ingredient or a total myth? 

We’ll also debunk some common misconceptions and explain why getting to know your specific gravity and viscosity is the real key to glaze consistency. Can you substitute tin in your glazes? Spoiler alert- it depends. Join the fun and listen in on the latest episode of For Flux Sake!

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For Flux Sake is hosted by Matt and Rose Katz of the Ceramics Materials Workshop along with Kathy King of the Harvard Ceramics Program. Together they answer your burning questions about clay and glaze. In each episode they answer listener submitted questions in a comical, but also insightful way. This show will have you laughing and learning about glaze chemistry the chemistry behind ceramics in no time. New episodes typically drop every 2 weeks.

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This week’s episode features the following topics: Shino glaze, Japanese ceramics, specific gravity, viscosity, glaze application, glaze troubleshooting, glaze firing, material substitution, tin oxide

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