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Surreal Scarecrow Sculptures Are Full Of Loss And Wonder

Animation director Jim McKenzie makes surreal scarecrow sculptures out of epoxy clay in his free time. His first scarecrow took nearly two years to complete. He combines sadness, loss, and wonder in his work. One day, he’d like to bring his sculptures to life in short, animated films. See more from Jim McKenzie: http://jimmckenzie.net/ ART […]

Kiln opening #9 (Glass load)

This one is a very simple kiln opening video. I always forget how easy it is to work with glass inside of the kiln. make sure to go check out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH2HYp8yVlUxHgDPkxW8-yg (Jon the Potter ) who reminded me of this technique. Give credit where credit is due. p.o box info :293883 zip : 95829 sacramento, […]

Purple Spotted Glaze Tests

This video shows the results of an RO/R2O oxide line blend (vs and material line blend) and also shows two different firing and two different amount of Lithium carbonate. I was looking for a purple spotted /pink spotted blue glaze. Here is the #8 recipe: https://glazy.org/recipes/33392 (Visited 3 times, 3 visits today)

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The Artist | Max Seinfeld

The Artist | Max Seinfeld

Max Seinfeld is a full-time studio artist in Danbury, Connecticut. He makes one of a kind abstract ceramic sculptures out of porcelain, earthenware, and non-traditional materials. Max highlights compositional elements such as color, texture, and line in his 3-dimensional ceramic sculptures, as well as his works on paper. I joined Max in his studio for a day while […]
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