Best of Earth Nation 2018 ( YEAH I KNOW IM LATE!)

I know I know im later on the best of 2018 ( last year) reel but in my defense … i was making other videos for you. i kiiiiinda forgot about it 🙂 *Instagram : * Facebook community page : ** support the channel :

3D Printers Are Changing The Kind Of Pottery We Can Make

Taekyeom Lee is a designer and researcher taking pottery into the future. He taught himself to build and use a 3D printer with no prior background in robotics. He used it to create 3D-printed ceramic pieces. Each piece takes on different and intricate shapes and can be used in new ways. For more, visit: […]

The Artist with Clay and a Message | Kukuli Velarde | Episode 526

Podcast: The Potters Cast Kukuli Velarde is a Peruvian artist based in the United States since 1987. She has received awards and grants such as the Guggenheim Fellowship (New York- 2015), the Pollock Krasner Foundation grant (New York- 2012), the United States Artists-Knight fellowship (California- 2009), the Pew fellowship in Visual Arts (Pennsylvania- 2003), […]

You asked for this Content! (new work bench)

I asked most of the people on my Instagram and Facebook community if they would like to see me clean and acquire a new workbench, you guys said yes….. you can’t blame me for this one. – Music by: [Non-Copyrighted Music] Chill Jazzy Lofi Hip Hop (Royalty Free) Jazz Hop Music *Instagram : * […]

How to Wedge Clay Properly | JENI HANSEN GARD

This clip was excerpted from Teaching Clay in the Classroom, Part 1, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Shop.

Pit fire + Kiln opening (What else can i burn?!)

Many of you have been requesting more pitfire work. here ya go 🙂 this new pitfire lasts alot longer than the previous red brick one we had. p.o box info :293883 zip : 95829 sacramento, name: Donte the potter – Music by: Guggenz – All My Love (Vlog Music Copyright Free For YouTube) *Instagram : […]

Susan Feagin: Screen printing and Floofing on clay

Susan shows how she makes her wonderful pots.

Vase Lesson #5 (Handles)

we’re pretty much done with the vases section. this lesson goes over how to attach handles to the sides of your vase and a couple of tricks and tips on where to place them. if you don’t know how to attach clay you should start by watching The mug section first because it’s essentially the […]

40 Years of Clay | Torbjørn Kvasbø | Episode 524

Podcast: The Potters Cast Torbjørn Kvasbø lives and works in Venabygd, Norway.  When Torbjørn was a child,  his father said, “For God’s sake, never get a regular job.  With those words to encourage him, Torbjørn has pursued his own ambitions and intentions without hesitation.  Clay has been the pursuit that Torbjørn has worked with […]

Throwing Huge vases! half bag of clay

this is a commission piece that I was working on for someone who wanted vases that were at least a foot tall. and all too often people ask me how many pounds of clay I am using in a lot of my videos. this is in between 12 and 13 lb of clay for every […]

She Found Clay at 13 | Aysha Peltz | Episode 523

Podcast: The Potters Cast Aysha Peltz’s pottery explores imagined space, scale and the poetic properties of the ceramic medium. She is a studio potter and faculty at Bennington College in Vermont. Aysha and her husband, Todd Wahlstrom, also own and operate StudioPro Bats. Aysha has taught at a number of schools and art centers […]