The Dirt on Teaching & Learning, Chris Staley, speaker

From the 2015 NCECA Conference in Providence, RI, Youtube Channel: WatchNCECA

Beginning to Throw with Robin Hopper

This clip was excerpted from “Beginning to Throw on the Potter’s Wheel,” which is available in the CAD Bookstore here:

Jennifer Allen Process Room

Youtube Channel: WatchNCECA

Alex Matisse Throws a Pitcher

Here is a short video of Alex Matisse throwing a pitcher at his studio November 2012 during a Clay Club Meeting. Youtube Channel: John Britt

Trimming Small Bowl with Tim See

The finishing of a small bowl from another video. A quick blurb about the giffing grip. Works great for production potters. if you are concerned with the quality of your work take your time and learn the correct methods, you will make better pots and in the end you will feel better about them. […]

Ayumi Horie Exceprt

Ayumi Horie NCECA 2014 Demonstrating Artist DVD Exceprt. Youtube Channel: WatchNCECA

Jerry Saltz, Art Critic

2017 NCECA Conference Keynote Speech Youtube Channel: WatchNCECA

Leach treadle wheel kit parts – review – Jan 29 2019 – with Simon Leach

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Jessica Brandl

2017 NCECA Emerging Artist Youtube Channel: WatchNCECA

The Spirit of Ceramics – Volume 3, Cynthia Bringle: A Potter from Penland

HIghlights from Cynthia Bringle- 3 min NCECA Spirit of Ceramics Youtube Channel: WatchNCECA