How to use WAX RESIST on your POTTERY (part 1)

This is a introduction to wax resist and how to use it with glazing. thank you to all the people that support me on Patreon. If you have any suggestions, leave them down below πŸ™‚ – Instagram : – facebook: __________________________________________________________________ – my videso/artwork here at :

Kiln Opening #5

I thought you guys would like to see what comes out of my kiln once in a while. so i made a KILN OPENING segment. where i show you what came from my kiln this week. – THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT, WE JUST REACHED 600+ SUBSCRIBERS! – Facebook art page : – […]

89. Loading, Firing & Opening a 40 Cubic-Ft. Gas Kiln with Hsin-Chuen Lin & Dan Dermer

This kiln belongs to Higher Fire~Clayspace & Gallery in Downtown San Jose. I am helping on loading glaze firing every Wednesday afternoon and they will unload the kiln on Friday night or Saturday morning. For more info about the studio, please visit: To buy my work, please visit my Etsy shop: For more […]

Kiln Opening #3 + I hate this clay now

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Throwing Small bottle neck egg shape

This one is a simple throwing video, forgive the ending… i was feeling saucy that day πŸ™‚ no Talking. just throwing clay. Po. Box : 293883 Zip : 95829, Sacramento Name: Donte the potter – Music by : Floppy Circus ” you my love no” NCS Casey Neistat vlog music * Want to see some […]

Kiln Opening #6 (new elements in my skutt)

This one is just a simple kiln opening showing the difference new kiln elements can make. The glazes are coming out exxxxtra sexy πŸ™‚ Po. Box : 293883 Zip : 95892, Sacramento Name: Donte the potter Music by : Ryan Little – Amusement Park Vlog No Copyright Music Hip Hop * Want to see some […]

How to Throw a CHUCK on the wheel

In the last episode we learned how to use a Chuck to trim those tiny mouthed pieces that don’t have large enough tops to trim. this episode will show you how to make a chuck by yourself so you can keep one for every type of pot you have. remember, their are many different typed […]

Kiln Opening #2 (mixed)

This one is a very simple kiln opening. I open up my kiln and we see what comes out of it this week. Thank you to all my new patreon supporters. you keep me and my art alive – Music by : DJ Grumble – Minute Maidz Chill Vlog Music Copyright Free Music Want to […]

Beginner intro to the Cone chart and Firing process (Very Basic)

This is the most basic explanation I can give about what the cone chart is and how it related to a beginner in their ceramic artwork. then we wrap it up all at the end πŸ™‚ a-z while going thru this video remember 2 things. – pictures used in this video are from source : […]

How to Re-Glaze your Pottery

This video was requested by one of you dirty potters. when re-glazing your pottery remember few things. 1. the reason glaze dries fast when at bisque is because the pores are still open. fully glazed and matured pottery will not have open pores so your really just putting glaze on top of glaze and hoping […]

How To Glaze Fire A Manual Kiln Skutt 181

This video is a follow up video for anyone out there who has a manual skutt 181 electric kiln ( this old thing). Be good, be kind, make art. – Music by : Non-Copyrighted Music Chill LoFi Hip Hop Instrumental Royalty Free Chill Hop Music * Want to see some of my artwork? *Instagram : […]

Kiln Opening #1 (Pink All Day )

I lost count of how may kiln openings we have done -o- so were making this one KILN OPENING #1. iv fallen for this black and pink combo. * All Cone 6 oxidation in an electric skutt 181 manual kiln – Enjoy – Music by : DJ Quads – Grows Up No Copyright Vlog Music […]