Ceramic Review: Masterclass with Katharina Klug

Ceramic artist Katharina Klug takes us step-by-step through the processes behind her wheel-thrown porcelain vessels, decorated with wax-resist pastels. Discover more inside Ceramic Review issue 289, which features the full step-by-step masterclass. You can order current and back issues of the magazine from ceramicreview.com. Film by Layton Thompson for Ceramic Review.

Ceramic Review: Masterclass with Sarah Scampton

Ceramicist Sarah Scampton shares the steps she follows to create her finely marked, multiple-fired sculptural forms. Discover more inside Ceramic Review issue 284, which features the full step-by-step Masterclass. You can order current and back issues of the magazine from ceramicreview.com. Film by Layton Thompson for Ceramic Review.

Ceramic Review: Masterclass with Angela Mellor

‘My work explores the translucency of bone china paperclay and its potential for the transmission of light.’ In this video, ceramist Angela Mellor discusses the process she uses to create her handbuilt bone china paperclay vessels. Discover how Angela makes her work in the full step-by-step masterclass inside CR 298 (July/August 2019). You can order […]

Potting in a digital age – 3D printed ceramics

From computer code to 3D printing, to glazing and firing this is a speeded up vidio of all the processes that go into making a pot. For more information see http://www.keep-art.co.uk/journal_1.html.

183. Making a Heating Ceramic Cover / Lid for the Microwave Oven with Hsin-Chuen Lin

To see or buy my finished work, please visit my ETSY shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/hsinchuen To watch more of my throwing videos, please visit my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/hsinchuen/videos To learn more about my back ground, please visit my Website: http://home.comcast.net/~hsinchuen/site/ www.mypots.net Youtube Channel: Hsinchuen Lin

How To Use Cheap Craft Store Tools To Add Playful Details To A Wheel Thrown Cup | CHANDRA DEBUSE

This clip was excerpted from “Sketch & Stretch: Creating Playful Pottery with Illustrated Surfaces with Chandra DeBuse” which is available at https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/shop/sketch-stretch-with-chandra-debuse/

43. The Slide Show of Hsin-Chuen Lin's Ceramic Work Since 1981

To buy my work, please visit my Etsy shop. http://www.etsy.com/shop/hsinchuen Hsin-Chuen Lin slide show 30 years of his ceramic work. This slide show includes his early work in Taiwan, developing work in graduate school at the University of Iowa mostly concentrated on wood fire. Raku fired pieces and most recent work when he settled down […]

How to use WAX RESIST on your POTTERY (part 1)

This is a introduction to wax resist and how to use it with glazing. thank you to all the people that support me on Patreon. If you have any suggestions, leave them down below 🙂 – Instagram : instagram.com/earthnationceramics – facebook: facebook.com/earthnationceramics __________________________________________________________________ – my videso/artwork here at : patreon.com/earthnationceramics


Subscriber Steven asked “How do i recycle my clay into new clay” This video will teach you how to recycle your clay so you don’t waste any of your hard earned money or time. there are many different ways to recycle your clay but this one you can do without a pug mill. p.s the […]

Centering Tips for beginners + different types of Centering

This is just a little peak into the way i center V.S the way I see the most people center who are beginners. WARNING: the names i have for different potters in this videos arent the same among all potters, they made up, yo. *Find my artwork at Facebook.com/earthnationceramics instagram.com/earthnationceramics ** support me and get […]

Kiln Opening #5

I thought you guys would like to see what comes out of my kiln once in a while. so i made a KILN OPENING segment. where i show you what came from my kiln this week. – THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT, WE JUST REACHED 600+ SUBSCRIBERS! – Facebook art page : facebook.com/earthnationceramics – […]

THROWING a DOUBLE HUMP GOURD demo request + Contest winner

One of you dirty potters asked me to do another double hump gourd demo and explain how I did it. ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE This video will feature the winner of the 500 subscriber Mug contest. ALWAYS WATCH AFTER THE CREDITS – Facebook art page : facebook.com/earthnationceramics – instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/earth_nation_ceramics/ – Periscope (be […]