Brain Crawl glaze test and results

Got a glaze from Walter Ivan Heath and it has interesting possibilities. I call it Brain Crawl, not sure if that is the actual title. Then I ran a color blend and some variations on application. Hope it helps you to feel free to test glazes to get your own special glazes and effects. Glaze […]

Heather Spontak carves porcelain

This is a short video of Heather Spontak carving one of her porcelain cups.

Beyond the Basics: Tumblers, Cups and Yunomis (Promo)

This is a promotion of my new video available now on my website for only $25 and it is 2 hours and 14 minutes of full HD quality that comes on a jump drive. Way better than DVD’s!!

Behren’s Satin Matte (Method of Testing)

Here is a method of testing, focusing on Behrens glaze. Hopefully it is helpful to everyone. Should be self-explainatory. Claybody is Frost cone 6 and the other on the original test was Star White Stoneware cone 6. Also, I sieved the 1000 gram batch twice through an 80 mesh sieve.

Terry Gess (Haywood Community College)

Terry Gess the instructor at Haywood Community College Professional Crafts Program does a brief discussion of tea pot spouts solutions.

Colored Clay Demo

Susan Cluesner demonstrates how to make 300 grams of colored porcelain that she used in here amazing sculptures!

Real World Glazing- Oil Spot Cups Part 1

Thought I would show you how I really glaze things. This is the first of 4-6 coats to get this glaze to work. I just did the insides and only two coats.

Real World Glazing Oil Spot Cups (outside) part 2

This is a short video showing how I glaze my oil spot cups.