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This is an in depth exploration of the advantages and disadvantages of the UMF (Unity Molecular Formula) in ceramic glazes, using melt flow tests, tiles and a color blend. Part of the FREE ONLINE GLAZE COURSE.

**The final results of 10 variations all with the same UMF was that 2 were very close in melt and color response (#2 and #6). 4 were completely off in every way (# 4,5,10 and 11). In the drip test, #7,8 and 9 were good but color was off. Finally the test with Silica mesh size variation using amorphous silica was a nice promising glaze …not exactly like the original but showing that using amorphous silica in other recipes could be a good idea.

I mess up and forgot to put 26.33 grams of Frit 3124 in Recipe#5. You can see the recipes on my page:

John Britt’s Youtube Channel

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