Beginner’s guide to throwing a bowl + Metal Rib trick

#pottery #ceramic #bowl This is video i feel we should have covered right after the centering video for the beginners section. Making a bowl 🙂 This is to help anyone who wants t know the basic concept of bow to throw a bowl as well as a few tricks and tips with the metal rib […]

Blind Fold Wheel Throwing ( 2k subscriber special)

I promised I would do something special for the 2k subscriber special and so I did :). just for you guys a blind fold throwing video. – music by : DJ Quads – fresh fruit. Fine my artwork here – – support the channel and get hidden content **

Q&A : Reading your Questions (a little salty)

Thank you guys so much for 2,000 subscribers I’m specifically doing this video because it has been requested and I figured I would make it part of the 2K subscriber video thank you. next week we should have a blindfold throwing video because it has been requested by multiple people. p.s skip to the 8-minute […]

How to fire a Skutt 181 Manual electric Kiln. (buisque)

Hey you dirty potters! i hope you had a good thanks giving. were back with a demo on how i run my skutt 181 for a bisque kiln. ive had a lot of questions from potters new and old asking how i run my kiln so i figured i would do a video on it […]

Glaze Mail from a Viewer!

This will be the last art clog before I change over to a new camera for the channel. This one is about a long time viewer of mine named Jano; he sent me a good sized batch of glaze to play with and this is my unboxing and testing of it. its a cone 5/6 […]

Kiln Opening #11

This is one of the first kiln opening videos i have done in my new studio. let me know how you like the new music. This video features many different glaze combinations i am testing in my kiln to make sure they are good and usable for my customers. – Music Credit LAKEY INSPIRED, Watching […]

How to Make an open Faced Jar

Just anther video of me making one of my favorite things to have around the house. an open faced jar. Find my artwork on – – ** Special thank you to the people this month who support this channel by being Patrons over at – Hannah Reicks – Melanie Ayers – Tane […]

How to make the Potter’s swirl

This one is the first one I’ve done in my home studio let me know how you like it, ill be adding stuff in the back sooner or later. This one was requested by heather asking ” how do you make the potters swirl?” Find my art here – – ** Support the […]

Opening your clay After you center for beginners

#pottery #beginner #opening This is a very short but necessary video for the progression of the beginners playlist. This video is all about how to open after you center . much like most of what i preach, its all about keeping consistent pressure and being confident in your movements. follow through. – Watch this first […]

John Britt’s cone 6 oxidation Copper red Recipe

#glazerecipe #cone6oxidation #copper This is john britts copper red recipe i revived from a cone 6 glaze book. its very hard to get reds in an oxidation kiln but with the magic of silicone carbide its made a little easier. in this video we not only test this glaze in my old skut 181 but […]

Centering for beginner (common mistakes made)

#centering #pottery #wheelthrowing #art #beginner This is a beginner centering video concentrating on the most common mistakes that I see beginners do. remember it’s all about stability and making sure that you apply constant pressure to the clay as it spins, not about forcing the clay to do what you want. – last episode you […]

( Channel update) The first Ceramic art Discord Server!

#ceramic #discord #art #craft p.o box : 4540 florin road # E 138 Sacramento zip:95823 name: Donte the potter – Music by: [Non-Copyrighted Music] Chill Jazzy Lofi Hip Hop (Royalty Free) Jazz Hop Music *Instagram : * Facebook community page : ** support the channel : ** join us on Discord : […]