Small Onggi Handles

Thought some of my clay people might get a kick out of this. My Onggi teacher, Kim Ill Maan, pulling handles on a small onggi jar. Shot in late 2008 at 오부자 (Ohbuza) Onggi, Ipo-ri, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Adam Field Pottery Facebook’s Page

How to make a Big Pot… (Moknine_Tunisia)

That works! Adam Field Pottery Facebook’s Page

Singing bowl

I thought this only worked with crystal! Adam Field Pottery Facebook’s Page

My Onggi Pot – Time Lapse

Just 1,800 more views before my YouTube channel hits 300,000 views! I'm giving away 3 pieces of my pottery as a big THANK YOU to all of the good people who have watched and those who will watch my videos in the future. For your chance to win, just go to: and click "Subscribe". […]

Korean Porcelain Trimming Skills w/ Moon Byeong Sik

The 300,000th view to my YouTube channel should happen this weekend, just about 800 views to go!!! If you haven't subscribed yet, take a minute to go to my YouTube channel to click "subscribe" for a chance to win one of 3 of my pots I will be giving away on March 1st!! While you're […]

Florida Heat Anagama Loading

Loading a BIG anagama is just as simple as that! 😉 Florida Heat is underway! Day 3 on the firing of the Anagama, with the Train Kiln fired along with a Salt kiln and a Soda kiln. The video is of the two day loading of the Anagama for the Florida Heat event. Please feel […]

(Korean Culture 100) Breathing Earthenware ‘Onggi’ and the Potters_옹기 그리고 독 짓는 손

A nice video of some talented Onggi potters. Adam Field Pottery Facebook’s Page

My Onggi Pot – Time Lapse

To all of my clay folks in the Northeast, I am looking to line up an Onggi kickwheel for an upcoming workshop in Philadelphia. Do you have, or know of anyone who might have an Onggi wheel I might use. Alternately, I have detailed plans for building an Onggi wheel, if you've ever wanted one […]

My Onggi Pot – Time Lapse

I am excited to be spending some time out east, for the next week and a half I'll be teaching two workshops, the first is hosted by Michael Connelly at Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, PA. The workshop is FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, if you're in the area, come on out. […]

Adam Field | Carving with Care: How to Carve Exquisite Patterns on a Mug

Just posted this sample clip from my instructional DVD produced by Ceramic Arts Daily to my YouTube channel. Head on over, if you like what you see then click “Subscribe” to receive updates on my upcoming videos! Adam Field Pottery Facebook’s Page

Instagram post by Adam Field • Mar 17, 2015 at 2:59pm UTC

✨I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I stumbled across this version of a video I shot of Kim Young-Ho making an Onggi jar during my apprenticeship at Ohbuja Onggi in 2008. View this video in regular speed as well as many more from my apprenticeship and beyond by following this link to my… Adam Field […]

Adam Field on Instagram: “✨🍯Glazing a 5-gallon #onggi (#옹기)”

✨Glazing a 5-gallon #onggi (#옹기) Adam Field Pottery Facebook’s Page