How to Make a Jar (cut off lid)

This lid type is for those who simply dislike throwing a lid separately from the form. only problem is you gotta know how to throw an enclosed form first 😉 P.S, you should see this video before watching this one Po. Box : 293883 Zip : 95829, Sacramento Name: Donte the potter – Music […]

Beginners guide to throwing a plate on the Wheel

#ceramic #plate #pottery This is a very basic explanation of how to throw a plate 🙂 hope is helps. music by : non copyright sound – wanna send me food and make me fatter? p.o box : 4540 florin road # E 138 Sacramento zip:95823 name: Donte the potter * Want to see some of […]

Beginners guide to taking pottery off the wheel

There are many ways to take your ceramic art off of the wheel. this is the first way I learned and its always served me well, j hope it helps you too 🙂 remember your trying to drag water under the pot itself. Music by : Dreams – Joakim Karud No Copyright Free Music Chill […]

Watch me struggle on the wheel

This is a video of expectation vs reality. I really want you to understand that what you see on the internet isn’t what happened 100% of the time and that were all human. its OK to have a bad day but don’t give up. Music by : No Copyright Music Chill LoFi Hip-Hop Beat FREE […]

Slow Drying your pottery (wrap it up)

I get at least one message per week asking how students can slow down the drying process of their thrown pottery, it’s fairly simple, all you have to do is wrap it up and make sure that no air gets inside but the Dry time depends mostly on the moisture and humidity of the surrounding […]

Kiln Opening #2 (mixed)

This one is a very simple kiln opening. I open up my kiln and we see what comes out of it this week. Thank you to all my new patreon supporters. you keep me and my art alive – Music by : DJ Grumble – Minute Maidz Chill Vlog Music Copyright Free Music Want to […]

Kiln Opening #1 (Pink All Day )

I lost count of how may kiln openings we have done -o- so were making this one KILN OPENING #1. iv fallen for this black and pink combo. * All Cone 6 oxidation in an electric skutt 181 manual kiln – Enjoy – Music by : DJ Quads – Grows Up No Copyright Vlog Music […]

Pit-fire for a bad day

Was Having a little bit of a blue day, so i decided to take a little time for me just to hang out with you dirty dirty potters Po. Box : 293883 Zip : 95892, Sacramento Name: Donte the potter * Want to see some of my artwork? Go to – Facebook: Https:// – Instagram […]

How to use/fire Gold Luster for beginners

This is a simple guide on how to use Gold luster. its fairly simple. 1. get luster and new brush 2. clean the surface of where you will put luster 3. brush on luster ( let dry) 4. clean brush (well) 5. kiln at cone 018 6. be happy A.F – The Duncan website: […]

Commission work (Throwing/ Sculpting)

This is just me throwing some commission work. I thought you guys would like to see it 🙂 Music by : Kronicle – Lofi Experimentin No Copyright Hip Hop Music * want to see more of my work? go to – nation ceramics ** support the channel on patreon at

My Cone 5/6 ox Glaze Recipe + Test tiles

hello you dirty potters, this will be the last time we see each other until the new year and so i thought it would be nice to end with something that you can all use. a Glaze recipe! This is the recipe to my floating blue v.1. I hope you get some use out of […]