Episode 420: Starting with Relationships with Makeda Smith of Sio Ceramics




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A lot of business advice talks about needing to find your ideal customer. That hypothetical person that you need to understand inside and out – from what stores they shop at to what value system they use to view the world. And while this is important, what most of that business advice does not tell you is that it is nearly impossible to figure out who your ideal customer is without first actually putting yourself out there and trying to sell your work.
While I could tell you all about how to define an ideal customer, at the end of the day, what I was reminded of during my chat with Makeda Smith is that all of this making a living from the things we make craziness starts with building relationships. Not only between fellow makers to help us through the unknown (as I talk about so frequently), but also in building relationships with the people we are meeting that may – or may not – buy our work.

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Ep 420:Makeda Smith of Sio Ceramics

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