Episode 313: The Myth of Growth with Rebecca Ickes Carra




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Why do you want to have 10,000 followers on Instagram? What will that do for you? Or rather… what do you think that will do? 
Today’s world is full of encouragements to grow – have more followers, make more content, do more, diversify income streams – do more and grow, grow, GROW! But have you ever stopped to ask yourself, “Why?” On this week’s episode, host Rebecca Ickes Carra sheds a bit of light on the Myth of Growth and how it might not solve the problems we think it will (it could in fact create more problems. Or at least create a deep feeling of burnout…). Encouraging us all to think critically, she also discusses the ways we can approach growth strategically in order to build the lives of our dreams.

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Rebecca Ickes Carra

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