Episode 417: What is the REAL Job? with Cara Steinbuchel of Cara Mae Skincare




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When you dream about going full-time with your craft, what is the real job? Is it really going to be your hands in clay all day, every day? Getting to hit that coveted “flow state” in the studio because you finally have no other interruptions and can simply focus? I mean, that sounds like a dream, but more often than not, the big surprise for any of us starting a small business can be that the bulk of our time isn’t actually spent on the thing we think it will be spent on. Cara Steinbuchel of Cara Mae Skincare (and the beloved Potters Skin lotion) brought up this exact subject on our chat this week and we peeled back the curtain about on her “real” job while also laughing about it all along the way. 

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Ep 417:  Cara Steinbuchel of Cara Mae Skincare

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