Episode 333: Part Two with Sarah Hussaini of Not Work Related




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If there was a store that was only open for 60 minutes out of the year, would you go to it? Do you think it would even stay in business? Here’s the spoiler: I’m not talking hypothetically. Because, when you do the math, 60 minutes, is about how long there is work available to purchase from Not Work Related’s website over the course of 1 year. Sarah’s incredible design heavy work sells out in less than 10 minutes. And the time intensive nature of her designs mean she and the Not Work Related’s team only do 6 stock drops on her website per year. If this intro hasn’t hooked you in just yet to sticking with us for part two of my conversation with Sarah Hussaini of Not Work Related, let me just say this: The point of sharing this, and so many other stories here on the Maker’s Playbook podcast is to show you – There is no single right or wrong way to make this crazy dream work.

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Sarah Hussaini from Not Work Related

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