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Lead is everywhere, but should you be scared of it in your dishes? This video tackles why lead is used in glazes in the first place and debunks some lead testing myths.

Stop fearing chemistry and start understanding it!

0:00 The reality of lead
0:40 Why trace amounts might show up in lab tests even for lead-free glazes
0:53 The real role of lead in glazes
1:15 Glaze vs. glass
2:01 Why trusting the FDA is important for food safety

Ceramic Materials ​Workshop is a place online to understand and explore how and why our Clay and Glazes work (and don’t work). Our materials speak for us in the home and gallery. It benefits us to learn about how to speak through our materials. Mastering the skills of clay and glaze performance helps every ceramicist, become their best self in the studio.

Ceramicists at all levels can now learn how Clay and Glazes function with us online. Check out all of our resources on our website at

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