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This video goes over the basics of how to centre clay, throw a pot on the wheel and thereafter how to remove it neatly, alongside many other tips and tricks that might help you learn how to throw. These tips reflect my way of making and there are, in fact, numerous subtlety different ways of doing each step, so definitely search for others videos to find another perspective on how to do things. I hope you find this video useful and thanks for watching!

My how to wedge clay video: (

0:00 – Introduction
0:41 – Importance of wedging clay and a recommended weight to begin throwing with
1:20 – How to centre the clay
4:20 – How to cone the clay up and down
6:45 – Removing the gritty surface
7:34 – Opening up the lump of clay
10:34 – Pulling up the walls of the pot
15:22 – Using a sponge to throw
16:25 – Cleaning up the pot to be lifted away
18:38 – Discussing the rim of a pot
20:02 – Cutting off an uneven rim
21:15 – How to remove the pot from the wheel

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