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On today’s episode the gang answer a few questions about cone six, including one about electric kiln temperatures, and another about firing cone 6 glazes to cone 10 in a soda kiln. They also talk about making lava-like effects on clay with vinegar. If you have a ceramic chemistry problem you’d like help with, send us a voice memo with your question to ( .

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For Flux Sake is hosted by Matt and Rose Katz of the Ceramics Materials Workshop along with Kathy King of the Harvard Ceramics Program. Together they answer your burning questions about clay and glaze. In each episode they answer listener submitted questions in a comical, but also insightful way. This show will have you laughing and learning about glaze chemistry the chemistry behind ceramics in no time. New episodes typically drop every 2 weeks.

More information on Rose & Matt’s ceramic glaze and clay courses can be found at

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