Thetis Authentics | The lost art of ATTIC BLACK glazed ware

THETIS AUTHENTICS Ltd (Science and Techniques for Art History Conservation) has been engaged in research and experimentation with ancient ceramic technology. This led to the creation of the THETIS’ Workshop in 2002 that specializes in the production of ceramic artifacts for public exhibitions, educational collections and Museum shops in Greece and abroad. ATTIC BLACK, the new brand of THETIS launched in 2012, features iconic handmade pottery showcasing the Grecian heritage & culture.

ATTIC BLACK / THETIS ceramics are hand-thrown, hand painted with clay-based slips and the colours emerge during firing. The slips are produced by carefully selecting and processing natural clays in water. The colours are achieved by following the ancient process known as “the iron reduction technique” which involves successive stages of firing in oxidizing and reducing kiln atmosphere.
The THETIS team has been able to recover and revive the ancient craft and thus to offer utilitarian objects whose style, color, texture, chemical composition and micro-structure cannot be distinguished from the original. The products include ancient toys (dolls, marbles, astragalus bone dice, iynx, spinning tops, figurines), excavation and conservation kits, jewelry, tableware (drinking vessels, plates and other black glazed pottery from the Ancient Agora), cooking pots and artifacts inspired by classical and prehistoric pottery designs.
THETIS participates as a founding member in the European network “Witness the Past” aiming at openly addressing the problem of illicit trafficking of antiquities. In an effort to raise public awareness on this issue THETIS reproduces, upon request, decorated vases of unknown provenance sold at major auctions in Europe and the USA at prices typically less than 5% of those realized at auction.

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