Kiln opening #4 (Sexy Tea Pot)

this is just a simple kiln opening video showing you guys what I got out of my kiln this time. at the moment I’m working on filling out the beginners section of the YouTube channel and revamping some stuff seeing as we just passed the recent teapot making video which kind of concludes the beginner […]

I put CHARCOAL in my kiln (testing my Tenmoku gold)

My tenmoku gold has been acting up for quite some time ( because i have an older kiln) an until i get a new kiln i have to learn to work with my glazes. this is a attempt to make it work again with the factor of putting a piece of coal in my kiln […]

Best of Earth Nation 2018 ( YEAH I KNOW IM LATE!)

I know I know im later on the best of 2018 ( last year) reel but in my defense … i was making other videos for you. i kiiiiinda forgot about it 🙂 *Instagram : * Facebook community page : ** support the channel :

Beginners guide to making a functional TEA POT

#teapot #ceramic #pottery this is the final step in The beginner’s playlist as far as a normal progression goes, within the upcoming weeks we will most likely be cleaning up the channel and organizing The beginner’s playlist so that we can round it out for people who are just starting their Pottery journey. this is […]

How to sharpen your pottery Tools

How to sharpen your pottery tools. In this video we will be going over how to clean/ buff/ sharpen your pottery trim tools and keep them nice and sharp. all you really need is a Dremel tool and the willingness to maybe burn your hands a little. this one is a different episode as we […]

Throwing Huge vases! half bag of clay

this is a commission piece that I was working on for someone who wanted vases that were at least a foot tall. and all too often people ask me how many pounds of clay I am using in a lot of my videos. this is in between 12 and 13 lb of clay for every […]

How to marbleize Clay

This is a redo video on how to marbleize clay and the few things you need to know to do it without worrying about cracking your clay body. the most important thing is to make sure that your shrinkage rate of the clays are not to far apart. your can check the shrinkage of your […]

Making a Vase part #4 (the Flange)

This is part 4 of our vase making section. if you are starting from the beginning of learning to make a vase I suggest you see the other 3 videos first. In this video we will be concentrating on the flange of the vase which will lead of to the classic Grecian amphora vase shape […]

Crystal Fang lidded Vase

this one’s just throwing, no talking. I’ve been experimenting with putting crystals on my Pottery a lot. and before anyone asks in the comments below no I don’t put them through the kiln, they do not survive in that temperature, they melt.this is just me throwing on the wheel with some nice relaxing music behind […]

Making a Vase #3 (Tapering the foot)

part 3 of our vase making section includes a little trick on how to make the foot of a vase smaller and more elegant. next time we will probably go over the top of the vase. we are moving towards that classic Greek vase shape :). good luck you dirty potters. p.o box info :293883 […]

Throwing a jack -o-lantern Halloween Pumpkin (Happy Halloween)

stay till the end ( this sentence has a different meaning after the video) p.o box info :293883 zip : 95829 sacramento, name: Donte the potter – Music by: *Instagram : * Facebook art page : ** support the channel :

How to make a Jack-o- lantern out of clay

I thought in the spirit of Halloween I would show you guys how to make a clay pumpkin. It’s actually fairly simple once you learn how to do an enclosed form. just make sure you keep the vessel collared in. p.o box info :293883 zip : 95829 sacramento, name: Donte the potter – Music by: […]