Reproducing a Hans Coper Vessel

Here is a short video showing how to make a three piece Chalice. Learning scale and form.

Miniature Teapots

Here is the latest short video showing how to make miniature teapots.

New Book: “The Complete Guide to Mid-range Glazes” John Britt

This is a short video about my new book on cone 6 glazes.

Susan Feagin: Screen printing and Floofing on clay

Susan shows how she makes her wonderful pots.

Fundamentals of Glazing -The Basics (New HD Video)

This is a promo for my New HD Video on Basic Glaze Application.

NEW DVD- Fundamentals of Wheel Throwing!! (Promo)

Announcing my new DVD -just in time for Christmas.

Clay Olympics 2014- Tallest Cylinder

The Clay Club on NC held the 2nd annual Clay Olympics at Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts in Asheville NC on January 8, 2014. Here the contestants had to throw the tallest cylinder with 10 pounds of Raku clay in 10 minutes. This is the last 6 minutes.

Making Pedestal Rings for Crystalline Pots

Here is a short video showing how to trim and and then make pedestal rings that easily fit your pots for crystalline firings.

Drip Trays for Crystalling Workshop

This is a short video explaining how to make various drip trays for our upcoming crystalline workshop.

Gold Shino Test Series

This is a short video documenting a series of tests I did to achieve and refine an iron gold glaze and firing cycle. I will write this up into an article.