Robin Hopper Docu-Short

A short, edited compilation revealing a bit of the philosophy, inspiration, and history behind the teacher and artist who is the master ceramicist Robin Hopper.

Beginning to Throw with Robin Hopper

This clip was excerpted from “Beginning to Throw on the Potter’s Wheel,” which is available in the CAD Bookstore here:

Robin Hopper talking about his Skutt wheel

Robin Hopper gives a testimony to the quality of his Skutt wheel

Design Considerations for Wheel Thrown Mugs, Cups, and Saucers – Robin Hopper

In this video, an excerpt from his DVD Form and Function: Ceramic Aesthetics and Design, Robin Hopper discusses the importance of good design on handmade pottery and demonstrates throwing a cup and saucer with these considerations in mind. Form and Function: Ceramic Aesthetics and Design is available for purchase here:

How to Whack Your Wheel Thrown Pottery into Shape | Robin Hopper

This clip was excerpted from Form and Function, available in the Ceramic Arts Daily Bookstore!

Making Beautiful Marks on Pottery with Fluting, Carving and Painting with Wax | Robin Hopper

This video was excerpted from the DVD Making Marks by Robin Hopper. It is available in the CAD Bookstore here:

Using Fiber, Slip and Soft Clay to Make Beautiful Marks on Pottery and Ceramic Sculpture

This clip was excerpted from Robin Hopper’s two-disc DVD Making Marks: Ceramic Surface Decoration. This impressive DVD covers scores of techniques you can use in every phase of the ceramic process from initial forming through post-firing treatments.

Pottery Video: Robin Hopper Shows How to Paint on Porcelain Ceramic Substrates

In this ceramics video, potter Robin Hopper shows how to use porcelain ceramic substrates as canvas. See our entire archive of pottery videos here:

Robin Hopper on Production Pottery and the Claw Grip

Robin Hopper demo in Bailey, NC at Finch Pottery

Robin Hopper Demonstrates the Claw Grip

A way to even out the rims of your pots in lieu of using a needle to cut off the top