Squaring a Vase- Will Baker -2014

Here is a short video showing Will Baker working on one of his vases. http://williambakerpottery.com/

Why doesn’t my crackle slip crackle any more?

Here is a short video showing how and why crackle slip sometimes stop crackling. Flocculation and Deflocculation discussion.

Pythagorean Cup (puzzle cup) or Tantalus cup

This is a short video showing how to make a Pythagorean cup which is basically a siphon inside a cup. Great for high school or an educational pottery program…or for fixated adolescents like me.

Refiring on the side or side firing

This is a short video showing how to side fire pots on sea shells with a drip tray.

Aventurine Glazes

This is a short video showing some samples of Aventurine Glazes (Tiger’s Eye, and Goldstone.) It is a companion of the ebook(PDF) of Aventurine Glazes entitled “All that Glitters is not Goldstone”.

Cone 6 Electric Blue Glaze Combinations

A short video showing how to find interesting glaze outcomes by attention and experimentation.

Ian Currie Systematic Blend

Here is a short video showing how to run an Ian Currie Blend on a glaze. I was only able to do this with the help of Melanie Risch and Jeff Dixon who helped me run the test! Thanks you both . BTW Ian Currie’s book Stoneware Glazes is FREE online: https://wiki.glazy.org/t/ian-curries-stoneware-glazes/367

Multi-sectional Ewers

Short video showing how to throw various parts on a potters wheel and then assemble them into a small ewer for soy sauce, or cream or other liquids.

How to run a Volumetric Line Blend for Pottery Glazes

A short simple tutorial on how to run line blend to find colors in pottery glazes.

Gold Shino (a.k.a. iron gold and iridescent glazes)

Short video showing the most recent results of a shino firing as a preview of a workshop at Adamah Studio / Bethel Horizons in Dodgeville WI, November 24 – Dec 1 , 2018. All in PDF on my website Gold Shino (Experiments in Iron Gold and Iridescent Glazes)

Volumetric Color Blend Glaze Test (Part 1)

This is a brief video showing potters how to run a volumetric color blend for glazes.