Centering Tips for beginners + different types of Centering

This is just a little peak into the way i center V.S the way I see the most people center who are beginners. WARNING: the names i have for different potters in this videos arent the same among all potters, they made up, yo. *Find my artwork at ** support me and get […]

157. Trimming a Bowl Using Measurement Tools with Hsin-Chuen Lin

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Kiln Opening #5

I thought you guys would like to see what comes out of my kiln once in a while. so i made a KILN OPENING segment. where i show you what came from my kiln this week. – THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT, WE JUST REACHED 600+ SUBSCRIBERS! – Facebook art page : – […]

What It Takes to Survive Doing Shows | Nancy Gardner | Episode 545

Podcast: The Potters Cast Nancy Gardner received a BFA in Ceramics from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia 1980 and MFA from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 1984.  After that Nancy taught for 3 years in Dayton Ohio.  When Nancy and her future husband decided to get married, she moved to Chicago where they […]

How to Make a Vase that is Like Sculpture for the Table Top | JERILYN VIRDEN

This clip was excerpted from Part Sculpture – Part Function: Handbuilding Graceful Minimalist Forms, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Shop!

89. Loading, Firing & Opening a 40 Cubic-Ft. Gas Kiln with Hsin-Chuen Lin & Dan Dermer

This kiln belongs to Higher Fire~Clayspace & Gallery in Downtown San Jose. I am helping on loading glaze firing every Wednesday afternoon and they will unload the kiln on Friday night or Saturday morning. For more info about the studio, please visit: To buy my work, please visit my Etsy shop: For more […]

THROWING a DOUBLE HUMP GOURD demo request + Contest winner

One of you dirty potters asked me to do another double hump gourd demo and explain how I did it. ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE This video will feature the winner of the 500 subscriber Mug contest. ALWAYS WATCH AFTER THE CREDITS – Facebook art page : – instagram page: – Periscope (be […]

99. Throwing / Making Tea / Sake Cups with Hsin-Chuen Lin

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How I make Yarn bowls + Cat people

I wanted to show you guys how i make very basic versions of my yarn bowls. im putting this in the intermediate section because you should know how to purposely make something bottom heavy in your ceramic art by this point. – Facebook art page : – instagram page: – Periscope (be warned, […]

Pottery Video: Paying Attention to Details to Make a Comfortable, Functional Handle | MIKE JABBUR

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