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How to use WAX RESIST on your POTTERY (part 1)

This is a introduction to wax resist and how to use it with glazing. thank you to all the people that support me on Patreon. If you have any suggestions, leave them down below 🙂 – Instagram : – facebook: __________________________________________________________________ – my videso/artwork here at :


Subscriber Steven asked “How do i recycle my clay into new clay” This video will teach you how to recycle your clay so you don’t waste any of your hard earned money or time. there are many different ways to recycle your clay but this one you can do without a pug mill. p.s the […]

Centering Tips for beginners + different types of Centering

This is just a little peak into the way i center V.S the way I see the most people center who are beginners. WARNING: the names i have for different potters in this videos arent the same among all potters, they made up, yo. *Find my artwork at ** support me and get […]

Kiln Opening #5

I thought you guys would like to see what comes out of my kiln once in a while. so i made a KILN OPENING segment. where i show you what came from my kiln this week. – THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT, WE JUST REACHED 600+ SUBSCRIBERS! – Facebook art page : – […]

THROWING a DOUBLE HUMP GOURD demo request + Contest winner

One of you dirty potters asked me to do another double hump gourd demo and explain how I did it. ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE This video will feature the winner of the 500 subscriber Mug contest. ALWAYS WATCH AFTER THE CREDITS – Facebook art page : – instagram page: – Periscope (be […]

How I make Yarn bowls + Cat people

I wanted to show you guys how i make very basic versions of my yarn bowls. im putting this in the intermediate section because you should know how to purposely make something bottom heavy in your ceramic art by this point. – Facebook art page : – instagram page: – Periscope (be warned, […]

Glaze Layering and Rim Jobs

Thank you dirty potters so much, i appreciate all your support. this video talks about layering your glazes and what happens to glaze when you treat them incorrectly. Enjoy ! 🙂 – Facebook art page : – instagram page: – Periscope (be warned, my periscope is dirty) : -patreon at

Kiln Opening #3 + I hate this clay now

WERE ALMOST AT 400 SUBSCRIBERS! 🙂 LOVE YOU GUYS FOR SHARING! Want to see more of my work? go to * or win my art through patreon at ( p.s. A winner will be chosen on patreon at the end of this month.)


Last week i had an interesting talk with some Facebook ceramicists in order to clear up the question. Is it safe the put oxides and carbonates ( usually stuff your glaze that gives it color) in your glaze? COMMENT DOWN BELOW ____________________________ THE GREEN BLACK GLAZE RECIPE and remember to always test your glaze 😉 […]

Tips AND tricks for GLAZING

Glazing time for school is coming up soon. here are some helpful tips on how to glaze your work in beginning wheel thrown ceramics. * Also congratulations to the winner of both art contests (youtube and patreon) Debra Lilly; she has won two handmade items from me. * thank you to my Patreon supporters who […]