Rat City Studios

Throwing a Stemmed Foot

In this short clip a stemmed foot is thrown off a centered ball of clay. This is a great way to throw small multiples. The foot is thrown upside down… It will later be added to belled shape to create a small goblet.

Wax Resist Techniques

Try using wax to resist glaze or underglaze. These these techniques will help you add complexity to your surfaces. Featuring Eliane Medina, Jake Corboy, Jon Johnson, and Deb Schwartzkopf (meows by Mitsa the kitty). Visit our website for more information in our Wax Resist Techniques Article… http://ratcitystudios.com/blog/2017/10/5/63bupyjlowr9v9nuainh6m03cmlmpw

Rat City Studios: Community Impact

This Clip was made at RCS and share the voices of the people who make this creative space what it is. Located in White Center (aka Rat City) this art studio offers adult clay classes, studio assistant positions, and handmade pottery. Join the Rat Race! Learn more at https://ratcitystudios.com

Objective Clay: The Cup- Deb Schwartzkopf

This clip exists because of vision of Objective Clay members and Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts where it was filmed. It is short part of a longer version where many of the members offer their ideas about making. The members of Objective Clay traveled to Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts in Maine the summer […]

Throwing a closed form

This is a closed form I will eventually bisque and use to shape slabs of clay for hand building with. But it could also be part of an object. I throw it without a base or foot. Happy Potting!

Throwing a bottomless, wide cylinder

This bottomless cylinder or ring is a building block for many of my forms. I open the clay to the bat. And compress the ring down to the bat after opening is wider. I repeat this until I have the width that I am looking for. If you do not compress it down to the […]

Collaborations: Between Babirusa, Rat City Studios, Deb Schwartzkopf, & Joe Wilkinson

Clip by Micah Hollinger May 20, 2018 was the Rat City Studios/Babirusa Tableware Line release party at Babirusa restaurant in Belltown. The Rat City Studios Art to Table CSA (Community Supported Art) consists of a tableware line created for and used by Barbirusa. The goals of this project are to develop a sustainable revenue source […]

Flat Bottom Bowl with Straight Sides

This is a basic demonstration on center clay on a potter’s wheel by Deb Schwartzkopf at Rat City Studios in Seattle, WA. Find our about the studio, classroom handout PDF Downloads, and more at… http://ratcitystudios.com/ Additional Tips for Throwing: Start by adjusting your seat to be very close to the wheel. Your feet should be […]

Finishing the bottom of a thin footed bowl

This little bowl has a flat, thin bottom. Just the corner needs a little clay removed… And I added a small indent right above the foot to slow down any running glaze that might head its way. Make sure to hold you trimming tool close to the cutting edge to have more control over the […]

Throwing a Straight Sided Cylinder

Throwing, throwing, throwing! Remember to breathe! Raise your hands as a unit and vertically as possible when you are forming the walls. If your walls end up leaning outward collar after your pull to give yourself a more vertical wall for the next pull. And press harder with the outside hand/ lessen the pressure on […]

Grinding glaze that ran off a pot.

A quick time lapse video of grinding glaze off that ran off the foot of the pot.

Exploring Trimming

Everyone working at Rat City Studios contributed a technique (or two) to this trimming video. Like and subscribe for more!