Episode 412: Ruthlessly Eliminating Hurry with The Daults




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When I hear people talk about boundaries and cutting back on work hours and all of that beautiful sounding work/life balance stuff, I assume the person preaching this has already reached a certain point of success. I think to myself, “Well, of course you can cut back on your work hours now. You already have -insert whatever- going for you, so it’s safe to slow down.” But what if the very reason for launching your small business in the first place was in service of building an un-hurried lifestyle? I’ve said many, many times that we must choose our lives first and build our businesses around them, second, but I didn’t figure that out until I messed up the order with my first business. On this episode of the Maker’s Playbook, Lisa & David Dault share how they are ruthlessly eliminating hurry from their freshly full-time pottery business right from the very beginning.

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412_TheDaultsPartOne -Ruthlessly Eliminating Hurry with The Daults

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