Episode 323: Living, Learning and Making Abroad with Ido Ferber




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How often do you find yourself listening to another maker or hearing about another artist’s story to get to where they are now and saying, “Well that worked for them but I…” But I’m not in my 20s. But I’m married. But I have a dog, but I… It can be really easy for any of us (myself included) to come up with all the reasons we can not do something. Until, you hear about someone who, even with all of those things, is doing the thing. This week on the podcast I’m chatting with Ido Ferber who has picked up and moved to Tokyo in order to studio ceramics. No, not directly from undergrad. And no, not even by himself. Ido and his wife, who is a maker in who own right, have both moved abroad to figure out how to make a living from the things they make. 

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