She Makes Beautiful Work and She Teaches Clay | Lindsay Scypta | Episode 540

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As an artist, potter and designer Lindsay Scypta is deeply interested in textile pattern, Victorian etiquette, architectural tracery, and the history of the table. Lindsay began her ceramics investigation in high school and continued into college, completing a BFA in Art & Design from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. For two remarkable summers Lindsay immersed herself in the artist community at Anderson Ranch Art Center as a summer intern, filling her ceramic toolbox with techniques and tools. Finally after two years as an artist-in-residence at Ashland University, Lindsay arrived at The Ohio State University where she completed her MFA in ceramic art. Lindsay was blessed with the opportunity to follow her thesis research to England, where she visited the Wedgwood Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Brighton Palace. Some influences over the past years have been the softness of tufted Victorian sitting room chairs, and the architectural motifs and quatrefoils of European Gothic cathedrals. Following graduate school Lindsay spent one year as an Artist-in-Resident at Clay Art Center in Port Chester, New York. Currently Lindsay is an adjunct ceramics professor at Owens Community College in Perrysburg, Ohio. Working strictly with porcelain clay, the work is thrown, trimmed, altered and decorated, then fired to cone six in an electric oxidation atmosphere. Lindsay ism still continuing to push her ideas and am excited to incorporate new research into her studio practice!

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