Making After a 10 Year Break | Juliette Davin | Episode 520

Podcast: The Potters Cast

Juliette Davin is a wife, mother & potter from Houston, Texas. Juliette received her BFA from The University of Texas in 1990. Juliette took a 4 week intro to pottery class in 1991 and was hooked! Soon after that her husband’s job took us on an incredible adventure to Bangkok, Borneo, Jakarta, Houston, Perth and now back to Houston. Juliette brought a wheel, kiln, and lots of books with her overseas and became a self-taught potter, soaking up knowledge everywhere she could. Juliette now works out of her home studio in Texas. Juliette enjoys every aspect of ceramics but she thinks she’s happiest when she has a sharp tool in hand, carving patterns into clay!

The Potters Cast

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