Websites for Potters | Kara Leigh Ford | Episode 518

Podcast: The Potters Cast

Kara Leigh Ford is back for her second appearance on The Potters Cast. Last time she talked about Knowing When to Quit the Day Job. This time, along with giving us an update on her life, she also dives into the idea of the importance of having a website as a potter. Some of the main takeaways that I heard Kara talks about was that having a website of your own helps you to find and define who Your customers are. On all other platforms, ultimately the customer belongs to that platform that you are using as the storefront. On your website they are your customers. Another critical point is that having a website helps to build trust. The world is now associating authenticity with having an online home, a website. Kara has much more to say on this and her insights are brilliant.

The Potters Cast

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