About Us

A Passion for Clay

Claystation.com is a streaming television service and online community for people who love clay.  Now featuring, Claystation Live, broadcasting from the ceramic studio of Andy Clift. Offering free and premium content. Focusing on wheel-throwing techniques, porcelain, glazing, mold making, 3-D clay printing, printing on Ceramics, and a whole lot more.

To celebrate the Claystation’s 20 year anniversary, Andy Clift decided to start from scratch and bring the site back to life. The Claystation started out as a widely used massive resource and link directory for the Ceramic Arts. As the site evolved it was an active forum and was really a social network for ceramics before we even knew what a social network was.

As Facebook became more and more popular and Andy had two small children and was busy teaching ceramics the site became more and more quiet.

Claystation.com was created with the intention of supporting the enrichment of Ceramic Arts. Today that intention is the same, and we hope you join us to enjoy and also help build an amazing site that makes it a pleasure to learn more about the fascinating art of Ceramics.

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